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Softub Care Made Simple

 Hot tub water chemistry can sometimes be very confusing for the new Softub owner.  We want to make it as simple as possible for you to understand and maintain your Softub properly.

The chemicals we carry are specifically formulated for use in our vinyl liner tub.  Your Softub is too big an investment to risk any damage or Warranty loss by using the wrong chemicals.  We can ship any chemicals or accessories directly to you to ensure you are using the correct products.  We have designed the following directions to make using your spa more enjoyable and trouble free:


When initially filling your tub, the water used may contain metals and minerals that can stain your liner.  To neutralize these mineral elements, add 2 ounces (use 1 oz for the 140 or Theraspa) of Gon Metal and Stain Eliminator upon filling your tub. This product only needs to be added to your spa when you refill it. Allow to circulate 1 hour before adding your chemicals! NOTE: The chemicals dissolve better in warm water so add them after your tub has heated. It is newly recommended that you add a capful to your spa every one to two weeks.  This will assist in keeping your water clear!

If you filled your tub with water from a “water softener,” it is imperative that you add calcium hardness to the water. Soft water has the ability to draw minerals out of the container it is in.  It can do the same to a vinyl pool or spa, so make sure your water has enough hardness.

Check the PH of your water using the provided test strips.  If the PH is low, add PH Up, and if it is high, add PH Down.  Do this gradually by adding a tablespoon at a time until the proper PH level is reached.  Keeping the PH in the proper range will significantly lengthen the life of your liner.  Check the PH regularly and adjust if needed according to directions on the back of the bottle.


The Filter can be easily maintained.  It simply snaps on or off in your Softub.  Remove the filter every four to six weeks and rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.   After cleaning, snap the filter back on to either one of the two drains at the bottom of your spa.  NOTE:  You should wait until the water is heated before you initially install or replace your filter. Your filter cartridge will need to be replaced when it needs to be cleaned more often, or it can no longer be cleaned and becomes ineffective.  On average, replacing the cartridge is once yearly.

Once you have followed these procedures, your water is balanced properly and you are ready to sanitize.

Water Sanitation

A sanitizer kills germs, bacteria, and impurities in the water.  There are many sanitizers available on the market today, but we recommend using granular chlorine.  It is the simplest and most efficient sanitizer available.  It is recommended that you add DOUBLE the amount of chlorine per instructions on the bottle upon initial startup. This is called a Mini Shock and will allow you to establish a chlorine residue in the water.  After that, check your chlorine level regularly using your test strips, and add chlorine as needed.  The amount of chlorine needed will be determined by how much you use the spa, and how many contaminants are added to the water.  A tablespoon or so of chlorine two to three times a week is a good rule of thumb for a Softub getting heavy use.  NOTE: Always add chlorine with the jets running.  With the 140 or Theraspa, use 2 teaspoons.

Products We Recommend

 Spa Perfect: a natural enzyme that breaks down organic contaminants such as body and hair oils, as well as other contaminants. This aids in eliminating   waterline ring, clogged filters, chemical odors, and eye and skin irritants, as well as other contaminants in the water.  It makes the water soft and silky and enhances the sanitizer effectiveness.

Spa Frog: a mineral purifier, which helps kill bacteria so you can use less sanitizer.  We like anything that reduces the amount of chlorine you have to add to the water.  This is very popular with many Softub owners.

Routine Maintenance

The best way to clean a waterline ring is to use a soft scrub pad and a little Baking Soda.  Simple Green and the new Mr. Clean Pads also work well.  Our preference is Baking Soda, as it will limit potential foam action in the tub.  We also recommend the following products for care of your Softub:

303 Protectant: a silicon based vinyl protectant, which protects the exterior vinyl from the sun and keeps it soft and long lasting.  NOTE:  Never use petroleum based vinyl protectants sold at auto parts store.

Tub Guard Protective Cover: a lightweight cover that you can use if you have extended non-use periods, or if your tub is exposed to intense sunshine, trees, dust, and other environmental pollutants.

**After your tub has been in use for 2 weeks, take the time to check the 3 hose clamps closest to your tub.  Heat may expand the clamps, and they may need to be retightened.**


Based on usage, you will want to drain and refill your spa every four to six months.   This is a perfect time to wipe down the interior of your spa thoroughly and use 303Vinyl Protectant on the exterior while it refills.

It is important to follow our recommendations for using the proper chemicals specifically formulated for your Softub.  Maintaining the chemical balance of your water is easy, and you’ll become an expert in no time.  Taking ten minutes a week to test the water, add chemicals, and an hour or so three or four times a year to clean and protect the vinyl, is all it takes!  In return, you will have many years of enjoyment with little or no problems.

Again, to be sure you’re using the right products designed specifically for your Softub and to ensure Warranty, call and we will have them delivered to your door. Also, please call or e-mail our office for any accessories you’re interested in.

Although we have tried to simplify the basics of spa care for you, we highly recommend that you read the guide that comes with your spa, and always read the directions carefully on the back of all chemical products.  If you have any further questions or we can be of further service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the wonderful benefits you’re receiving from your Softub spa!

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